Term 1 Week 2 – Letter a

During the second week we also worked on letter a.  As you saw from topic work blog Spot the Dog became friends with many other animals on his first day of school amongst them the alligator – a for alligator.

We also looked at what special toys and pictures we have in our magic bag and on the whiteboard which start with a – ant, apple, arrow, aeroplane, airport, alligator, arrow, ambulance and astronaut.

We then take a more generic approach to the letter using the jolly phonics programme.  The children listen to a story related to the sound, learn the rhyme and action of that particular sound.

Jolly Phonics Story For Letter a sound.

A family is going on a picnic.  The children help to pack some apples and sandwiches.  At the picnic the children feel something tickling them.  Some ants are crawling up their arms.  They jump up shouting /a,a,a,a/.


Jolly Phonic Rhyme Letter a sound

Letter Formation:

  • We start at the top
  • Make a curve
  • Go down
  • And tail

The children practiced listening to and forming this letter in several ways using a rotation system.

  • They looked at pictures starting with a and emphasized the first sound (As mentioned above).
  • They also practiced identifying letter a from other letters using the butter beans you sent in. As well as bottle caps.
  • They did the formation of the letter a on the scrapbook using various crayons in the space provided. This is what I call the rainbow technique.
  • They practiced a in the sand
  • They also used buttons to form letter a.

a photo

The lesson ended with a craft where the children painted an alligator face using green paint and bubble wrap.

These are hanging on one of our walls outside the classroom along with our big Mr. Alligator.  Here are some photos taken during rotation letter a time.

Please try to spend some quality time with your kids to find objects around the house which start with the a letter sound and say them together emphasizing the first sound.

It will help them a lot to start developing their listening skills in this area.   🙂



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