Term 1 Week 4 – Letter p

The topic work associated with pets and other animals we like led us to the second letter sound for this week – p for pets.

The children found out that there are many animals which start with the letter p sound.  Words like pig, panda, polar bear, and parrot, penguin, puppy.  We then moved on to other objects starting with this sound such as paws, pink, purple, popcorn, present, paint.  Some of these words are found in the jolly phonics picture story below.

The jolly phonics story for the letter p sound is this.

A boy is having a birthday party.  He opens his presents and plays some party games.  Then he puffs out the candles on his cake.  They are trick candles and keep relighting.  Everyone tries to puff out the candles, going /p,p,p,p/.


Jolly Phonic Rhyme Letter p sound

The action done when saying the p sound is associated with the picture story like all the other letter actions are.  Hold up your finger as if it is a candle and pretend to puff it out, saying p.p.p.

Letter p Formation

  • Step 1 – Start at the top, go down
  • Step 2 – Bounce up
  • Step 3 – And make a head.

p formation

When working with this letter the children

  • Played games related to letter p on the interactive whiteboard
  • They selected the letter p from other letters written on the little butter beans.
  • They formed p using big flashcards and bottle.
  • They used the rainbow technique on their letter scrapbook using the steps mentioned above.
  • Last but not least they created their own colourful parrot and decorated it with 5 feathers. This craft is hanging in front of our class between the two glass doors. This linked us to the numeracy part of the day. More information in the numeracy section.

Practice Ideas For Home

  • You can practice the letter formation by using a white board and colourful washable markers using the steps above.
  • You can place about 5 objects or pictures on the table, amongst which you have objects starting with the letter p
  • Say the name of each object emphasizing and exaggerating the first letter sound of each object and ask your child if that object or picture starts with the letter sound p. This is a skill which needs loads of practice, so don’t get worried if they are not understanding as just what this means.  Praise at this point is very important to build their confidence   🙂



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