Term 1 Week 5 – The Triangle


This shape was linked to the witch’s hat already mentioned in previous blogs since it has a triangular shape.  Like other shape, the triangle has its own properties or rules.

Wilf helped us see these triangle rules:

  • A triangle has three sides.
  • These sides all touch each other.
  • A triangle has three pointy parts.
  • A triangle cannot roll over.

With these properties in mind the children were able to distinguish triangular shaped objects from other shapes on the interactive whiteboard.

These are some of the objects they came up with: a slice of pizza and watermelon, flat cone, hat, bat wings, a clothes hanger, and one side of a pyramid.

The children worked on their shapes workbook where they had to choose and colour in the triangle shape amongst other shapes.

They also sponge-painted triangular shapes on the same workbook.  During one of their play session they practiced the triangle formation by putting bottle caps onto different sized triangle shapes.

The lesson came to a close with a craft which linked this entire concept to our topic work Halloween.  The children created a nocturnal animal which has triangular shaped wings – the bat, (see topic work).

They counted the three sides of a triangle.  They also stuck 5 bats, 5 stars and 5 magic glitter blobs onto the witch’s hat, thus practicing their counting  skills 1-5.  (The numbers we covered so far).

Triangle songs


Practice Ideas for Home

  • When you are out and about you can play the game, Spot the shape, with your children. They have to look out for and say the various shapes that are made by the objects around them.  This week emphasise on the triangle shaped objects.



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