The Square


In the topic work blog I mentioned that we read a book in class called Square Cat.  This was the introduction to our numeracy lesson tackling the square shape.

The children learnt that shapes have their own properties or to make it simpler they have their own rules to give them the shape they have.

Wilf helped us see these square rules:

  • A square has four sides.
  • These sides are all of equal size. There are no sides which stretch out.
  • A square has four corners.
  • A square cannot roll over.

With these properties in mind the children were able to look around the classroom for square objects.

Their treasure hunt was successful as they found these square objects, different blocks, books, cushions, the light switches, flashcards, boxes, lunch boxes amongst other things.

They also distinguished square blocks from other different shapes.

The children worked on their shapes workbook where they had to colour in the square shape amongst other shapes.  They sponge-painted squares onto the same workbook.

The children also created a craft representing the Square Cat which is hanging outside our classroom.   They also created square shapes with blocks and other manipulatives.

The Square Song




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