Reminders !

Photos – Letter m and d 

All those who did not send in the photos of the mother/mother figure, dad/dad figure kindly do so by Monday 6th November.

The children will get upset not having a picture to stick in their workbook.

Consent Forms

Kindly send in by Monday 6th November

  • The concert consent form (Attached in a previous blog and send to me).
  • The pet participation form if you are interested (see previous blog for form and submit to Ms. Georgina).
  • The outing form Ms. Karen Galea had sent so the children will be able to go on the outing (Submit to me).




Animal Awareness Day Cooking Activity

Dear all,

As part of the activities for animal awareness day on Tuesday 7th November we will be doing a cooking activity in class.

We will be doing the following two food crafts a cat and a mouse.


Can you kindly send in the following items –

  • 1 slice of (sliced) white or brown bread
  • 1 sliced square cheese with which we will do the ears and the mouth
  • 1 round cracker for the mouse base Eg Branette or 1 rice cracker
  • One plate labelled with the child’s name.
  • One empty container/lunch box for those children who would prefer to take the created items at home.

I will be providing the rest.

Ms. Geraldine