Reminder – Animal Awareness and Multi Marathon Activities

Some reminders for tomorrow:

  • The children have to come to school in casual clothes. Preferably with a hint of purple to show solidarity against animal abuse.
  • We will start the day by going around the school grounds admiring various animals brought in by parents and other NGO’s. We start touring at 8am so please try and bring the children on time.  Before 8am would be better.
  • They will also be participating in animal themed activities which we have prepared in class.


  • Please don’t forget to send in the cooking items and an empty container for your child to bring the items home if he/she will not eat it at school.
  • Besides being a fun and educational venture, another purpose of tomorrow’s activities is to raise funds for animals and other charities.  The funds will be donated to Marie Midolo Foundation, the RMJ Horse Rescue and The Wildlife Rescue Team.  If you wish to donate some money, please place it in a sealed envelope together with the form provided by Ms. Georgina and pass it on to Ms. Sue or Mr. Brian.
  • Any canned animal food is welcome to be then donated to animal charities. (As per circular sent by Ms. Georgina).
  • Hope some of you will bring their animals to school for the children to see. Georgina will guide you to the classes to visit but please do mention that you have a child in Pre-Junior B so you would be able to come to our class too.  We would love to have you!

School starts and finishes as usual.

Please send in their normal lunch and snacks as you usually do.

Ms. Geraldine