Girgenti Farm Outing Points

Dear parents and guardians,

Some points regarding tomorrow’s outing.

  • Students are to come to school wearing their school tracksuit trousers. As regards the top you can choose between the polo shirt and cardigan or the sweater depending on the weather.  If you are in doubt you can always send the children with the polo shirt underneath the sweater and then we can remove sweater and put it in the bag before we leave for the outing.  It is always quite chilly in the morning.
  • Kids who have wellington boots can bring them along in a separate bag however this is not compulsory.
  • You are kindly requested to provide your child with a healthy snack and drink (placed in a separate labelled small bag), which your child will be carrying along on the outing.
  • They will have a light breakfast as usual in the early morning before leaving and a third light snack when they return to school in the afternoon, so you are to cater for 3 breaks in total as usual. Please send these two in their usual school bag.
  • Please bring the children on time as we need to give them breakfast before and take them to the bathroom before we leave.

Please note that the outing will be postponed in the case of bad weather and we will have a normal school day.


Ms Geraldine




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