Term 1 Week 8 – The World Around Me – My Family


During our eighth week we finished talking about the meaning of family.

We revised all the material that we spoke about in the previous week.  We had a look at our family tree and mentioned that each family has a different and unique family tree made up of the people who take care of us.

Just like a tree has strong roots so does the love we find in a family.

I then read a sweet story called Guess how much I love you by Sam McBratney.

We ended the topic by saying that at school we are a one big family where we grow together by learning different things, share and try to help each other to develop our strengths to our best abilities.

These values linked us to our religion story for this week.  See the religion section for more details.

We heard and watched various songs for the children to understand the deep meaning of family.  At this age it might be confusing to understand such a concept.

We are Family Song – My family and Me

The Finger Family Song




2 thoughts on “Term 1 Week 8 – The World Around Me – My Family

  1. Ms Geraldine, when you upload posts will all they be in the home page? As you referred to the religion section in the My family above but I cannot see any? Thanks for your regular update.


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