Story of St. Martin Of Tours

Our religion lesson during the 8th week was also related to family topic work which we finished during the beginning of the week.  We emphasized the importance of showing our love to our family.

We discussed that there are people who although don’t form part of our family still have a very big heart and are ready to help other people in need.  A classic example is St. Mother Theresa and St. Martin.


Three boys acted out the story of when St. Martin saved a poor man from dying by tearing his cloak in half to protect him from the cold weather.

We ended the lesson by creating a craft of St. Martin with a two coloured cloak representing the splitting of the cloak in half to save the poor man’s life.  These are hanging outside our classroom door.

There aren’t any online cartoon St. Martin of Tours stories for children.  This is the closest version available.




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