Christmas Concert Note 3 – Costumes and Accessories

Dear parents and guardians,

I want to put you in the picture as to what is currently happening regarding the concert.

As most of you have been told by the children the story chosen for Pre-Junior B is that of Alice In Wonderland.  As you are aware the costumes for the concert were purchased online.  So you are saved the tedious job of looking for costumes yourselves.  In fact most of the costumes have arrived and this week the children will be trying them on.

I have split the children into three groups and each group is participating in a particular dance as well as a in a general dance.  We have started full blown rehearsals this week so our day is more hectic than usual.

Two groups have started rehearsing whilst the other group will start their rehearsal tomorrow.   The other children watch when their group is not doing their part. This is important for them to get the general feel of all the performance.  It also helps if they need to replace a friend who might be sick on the day.

This note indicates what accessories and hairstyles have to be worn during rehearsal day (12th December) and on concert day 13th December.  All have to wear a thick jacket on top since it is quite cold at St. Agatha Auditorium School in Rabat.

If you do not have any of the following please speak to me.

What is needed:

Alice – Martina needs –

  • A half sleeved winter vest underneath (As the costume has half sleeves).
  • Black ballerina shoes

(I have the rest of the items tights, headband and costume ready.)

The Queen – Emmalene needs –

  • A Half sleeved winter vest. (As the costume has half sleeves).
  • Red Tights
  • Black ballerina shoes

(I have the costume, crown and wand.)

Twiddle Dum and Twiddle Dee – Joshua and Floyd need –

  • A winter vest underneath
  • Dark blue school shoes
  • (I have the costume and red tights for underneath.)

Chesire Cat – Sophie

  • White polo neck
  • White tights
  • Dark navy blue school shoes
  • (Waiting for the costume, has been shipped).

Rabbits – Neil, Bernard, Noah, Julian and Jean

  • A white polo neck
  • Dark blue school shoes
  • (I have the costume and headpiece).

Mad Hatters – Timothy and Jake

  • White polo neck
  • Dark blue school shoes
  • (I have the costume)

The playing cards – Maurizio, Olda, Mattia, Gabrial and Isaac

  • Black polo neck
  • Black socks
  • Dark blue school shoes
  • (I have the card costume, leggings, head piece.)

The flowers – Giannina, Adaya, Maha, Zara, Emily.

  • White polo neck
  • White tights.
  • Black ballerina shoes
  • (Waiting for the costumes. They have been shipped.)

Later on I will send you the hairstyle guidelines especially for the girls.

If you have any queries let me know.


Ms. Geraldine



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