Reverse Advent Calendar List


Dear all,

Below is the list of children who have to get the non-perishable items for the reverse Advent Calendar.  The day in which each child has to get the fold item is mentioned.

The way we explained the donating an item part to the children who do not follow religion is that it is lovely to help people in need.  One item each will make a difference for many who really need it.

Monday 4th December –

  • Maha
  • Jean
  • Martina
  • Julian

Tuesday 5th December –

  • Maurizio
  • Jeanmarie
  • Jake
  • Emmalene

Wednesday – 6th December –

  • Gabriel
  • Joshua
  • Floyd
  • Oldrich
  • Adaya

Thursday – 7th December –

  • Giannina
  • Sophie
  • Zara
  • Isaac
  • Mattia

Friday – Public Holiday

Monday – 11th December –

  • Noah
  • Bernard
  • Neil
  • Emily
  • Timothy

PS:  Some food examples are the following:  Dried pasta, canned food, biscuits and juices.  You can send over any food which has a long shelf life.

These little good deeds will instil solidarity in our young ones   🙂

Thank you for your collaboration.

Kind regards
Ms. Geraldine



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