Term 1 Week 10 – Revision of big and small, triangles

xmas tree

In one of the previous blogs I mentioned that the children heard the story of Mr. Willoby and The Christmas Tree.  If you watch the story with your child you will see that each time a piece of the tree was being cut off.

Each time we end up with a big tree and a small tree.  This helped us revise the big and small concept.  The children consolidated this concept by comparing big and small Christmas Trees on their workbooks using interlocking blocks and colouring in the big Christmas tree just like Mr. Willowby’s tree.

They also revised the triangle shape since the Christmas tree too has this shape.  We then moved onto what we can put up on the tree to decorate it.

Each child mentioned what they might decorate their tree with.  Some said candy cane, chocolate treats, bows, ribbon, star, little presents, angels and baubles.

The children then started a mini project where they decorated little cutout trees to decorate our class door.  (You will see this very soon).

I told them that when Father Christmas came to my house last year by mistake he left behind special shaped baubles which led us to the next shape for this year the oval.  (Please see next numeracy blog for details).




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