Term 1 Week 10 – The Oval and the Rectangle

During our numeracy sessions we also spoke about shapes.  In the previous blog I mentioned that the baubles on our tree had a special shape – oval.


Properties of an oval

Ms. Oval is another friend of ours who helps us form her shape.  She is actually best friends with Ms. Circle.  However Ms. Oval loves to stretch a lot. She looks like a stretched circle.  She can stand up of lie down.

An oval is

  1. Like a stretched circle
  2. It can stand up or lie down
  3. It has no sides
  4. It has no corners
  5. It cannot roll

oval guy

We saw various oval shaped objects: baubles, clock, mirror, face, plate and watch.

The children proceeded to work on their shapes book where they chose the oval from other shapes and coloured it in.  They also stuck a bauble made out of recycled Christmas cards onto the same workbook.


O – Oval links us to the literacy lessons.  See literacy blogs for more detail.



During the 10th week we also worked on another shape – the rectangle.  The children saw that the presents under the Christmas Tree could be square like the shape we had done some time ago or they could be rectangle shaped.  Mr. Rectangle helped us see his properties.

  1. A rectangle has four sides.
  2. Two of these sides are stretched.
  3. It has 4 corners
  4. It has 4 angles.
  5. It cannot roll.

The children looked for rectangle shapes in the classroom.  They mentioned the following objects, the interactive whiteboard, the window, the tables, books, blocks, the class carpet, the shelves in class, and boxes amongst other things.

We will be gluing rectangle shaped presents to consolidate this concept on our scrapbook next week.

Rectangle – Teach & Learn Shapes for Kids

The Shapes Song –




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