Good Deed No. 2

Good Deed No 2

Today was our second day of using the reverse advent calendar.  Thank you for your co-operation in sending in the items for the needy.

It is really helping the children understand that they are lucky people but there are other people who need our help.

Tomorrow it is the day of the following children to send in one item of non-perishable foods.

  • Gabriel
  • Joshua
  • Floyd
  • Oldrich
  • Adaya

Our circle time story today was called Lily and the Snowman.  In this story we saw how Lily becomes friends with a snowman who was lonely.

We developed the idea that it feels good to have friends with whom you can play, talk and share ideas and other things such as toys and books.

We have to take care of our friends and be nice to them in the way we talk. We cannot call them names such as stupid or say they are not our friends.

We also need to have nice hands and nice feet and not kick and push or be rough.

We have to be friends with our relatives at home too.  So when our mum, dad, grandma, granddad tell us to do something we don’t stamp our feet and say no or sulk.

We have to make an extra effort to take care of our friends at home too because these are our family.  So today please remind them of the following story below and the moral behind it.