Christmas Concert – Note 3


The children will need a battery candle for the finale of the concert.  Can you please send one in by Monday 11th December?

IMP – Clearly labelled with your child’s name.  We need to use it for the rehearsal the following day.

(The above pictures are just an idea).

Thanks for your co-operation

Ms. Geraldine



Christmas Cards

xmas cards

Dear all,

I was approached by a couple of parents regarding the Christmas card activity of sending a card to our friends in class.

This is the way we will go about it so everyone will have a fair share of cards and not be left out.

  • Each child will decorate a card at home with their own special drawing.
  • With your help and guidance the child will write his or her name in the “from” section example

To my friend in Pre- Junior B.

  • It should be addressed to all the class like so:

From Geraldine

IMP: If there are any children who want to give any other additional cards to their friends they have to give a card to each child in class thus avoiding any disappointment for those who might not receive any.

Ms. Geraldine   🙂



Good Deeds No. 3

good deed

Dear all,

Today we spoke about another good deed that of playing with another person in class especially if that person is alone or not one of our close friends.

The children tried to imagine how they feel if they cannot play with their friends.  We mentioned that they should make an effort and try and play with their brothers, sisters, cousins if they have any.

This will make the other person happy as well as be happy themselves.

Play is very important for every child because through play we learn new things.  Putting away the toys we play with in the appropriate place is also very important because then we will be able to find them again the next time we decide to play with them.

The story of the snowman below shows the importance of making an effort and playing with others.

The children who need to get the items for the reverse advent calendar tomorrow Thursday 7th December are the following :

  • Giannina
  • Sophie
  • Zara
  • Isaac
  • Mattia