Christmas Concert – Note 5 – Hairstyles

Dear all,

These are the hairstyles needed for the following children:


  • Alice (Martina) – Hair down (I have the headband).


  • Queen (Emmalene) – Hair has to be pulled back in a bun. (I have the crown).
  • The flowers – (Giannina, Adaya, Maha, Zara, Emily). Hair has to pulled in a bun (I have their headbands).
  • Chesire Cat – (Sophie) – Hair has to be pulled back in a bun too as she will have a headpiece.

All boys – Their usual hairstyles because they all have headpieces as you could see from the costumes I sent home.

  • IMPORTANT – The rabbits have velcro stuck on the back of their jackets please do not remove.
  • Please refer to the previous blogs for you to see what the children have to wear on rehearsal day (Tuesday 12th December) and on concert day (Wednesday 13th December) under their costumes.
  • Please send a warm jacket for them to wear on top of everything. It is very important that these are all labelled.
  • Refer to previous concert blogs (four in all) to see what other things the children have to get with them.
  • Presenters please go through the lines I gave you   🙂   (I know you know it).
  • I have hats and other bits and bobs so don’t worry if they weren’t in their costume bag.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Ms. Geraldine  🙂




One thought on “Christmas Concert – Note 5 – Hairstyles

  1. Hi Ms. Geraldine
    I seem to be missing note no 4 which must have had all the information on what to wear for tomorrow’s rehearsal. Can you please let me know as i dont want to send them with anything missing.



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