Term 1 Week 11 Number 9 with a difference !

We started the lesson by going through the numbers learnt so far and their story in brief.  We then mentioned that the next number on our number line is 9.


To learn the formation of number 9 we used the following number story

Ms. Zebra is very excited because Father Christmas is going to visit the zoo and he is going to give a present to all the animals.

She is skipping all around the zoo in excitement.  We need to calm her down because if Father Christmas does not see her in her house he thinks that she does not live there anymore and won’t leave any presents for her.

9 zebra

To remember the formation of this number we can use the shape of Ms. Zebra. This is what we say:

  1. Start at her eye.
  2. We curve around all her face
  3. And slide down her neck.

For our hands on part of the lesson we had a special guest in class Ms. Gaby (Our IT teacher for the upper juniors and seniors) who showed the children how to write 9 using a mini bot.

The children were very excited for this experience.  The bots are previously coded to follow the formation of the number using special markers on a piece of blank paper.

The children see the bot doing the formation whilst lighting up and then they copy the movement using their own crayons.  Below are the pictures of the children handling the bots under supervision and writing number 9.

They also used the rainbow technique to reinforce this.  Other manipulatives used for this lesson were sequins where the children had to count 9 of them and glue them onto a cute little snow man on their numeracy workbooks.  The numicon shape corresponding to this number is the purple shape with 9 holes in it.

9 numicon

number 9

Wilf our robot showed the children to successfully count till 9.

  • Step 1 – Point or pick each object one at a time.
  • Step 2 – Say each number 1, 2, 3, 4. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
  • Step 3 – Say stop. We cannot keep on saying the numbers if we need to count only 9 objects.  In this case 9 sequins.

Practice Ideas for Home

  • It is important that you practice the numbers done so far by using the animal stories and the rhymes so the children become more confident in their number work and which number comes after which.
  • This week they can practice counting till 9 by using any leftover decorations you might have.
  • Play treasure hunt using these same items pretending Father Christmas hid them because he wants them to say the numbers.
  • Use number flash cards and count the corresponding number of baubles.
  • They can also clap, jump, go up and down, and hop 9 times.
  • They can practice the formation just like we do it in class with the rainbow colours. If they are reluctant tell them that they are playing teacher and it should do the trick.
  • They can draw various objects on a piece of paper or small whiteboard, count them and help them write the corresponding value using rice, flour and sand saying the story or rhyme in the process. Please praise every little effort the children make.  If they do mistakes just correct them with no fuss at all and tell them to try it again together.  Repetition, practice and praise help build their confidence.




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