Last Few Reminders – Rehearsal Day and Concert Day


  • Tomorrow the children have to come to school in costume since we have our full dress rehearsal. (We will be taking them up to St. Agatha Rabat and back to school again).  School finishes at the usual time.
  • They have to be dressed in the clothes I asked for underneath their costume such as polo necks, tights, school shoes etc.
  • The girls can put on a hint of make-up such as lip gloss and eyeliner.
  • The children need to wear a cosy winter jacket on top of everything. This can also be their school jacket. (All labelled please).
  • All those who did not send in their battery operated candle please send it in tomorrow. We need it for the rehearsal.  (This has to be labelled).
  • The children can be given a breakfast snack, a main lunch and a snack. (Like usual).
  • However please avoid sending milk and yogurts or any messy food as we want to avoid dirtying the costumes on rehearsal day. The main lunch can be put in a small bag so we take it with us. The rest of the things will remain in their normal school bag for when we come back.

Concert Day – Wednesday 13th December

  • On Wednesday the children have to be at St. Agatha at 9.15am in full costume. It is very important that you are on time as we need to sort out props with the children and help them settle down.  Show will last 2 hours.
  • Please take into consideration that there won’t be any parking on the premises of St. Agatha Grounds. You need to find parking in the streets around the premises.  So take this into account when planning your journey.
  • For directions please follow the link below – St. Agatha’s is marked as St Paul’s Missionary College

  • When you arrive there will be someone to greet you at the foyer to show you where to take the children.
  • Please send a light snack for the children to eat and their usual drink whilst we are waiting for our turn.
  • Children have to be picked up from the classroom assigned to us on the day not from the auditorium. Usually the class assigned would be on the right hand side of the foyer on ground level. We will show you on the day.
  • Hope you bought the tickets for the show as no tickets will be sold at the door. All the children are enthusiastic to show you what they have learnt.  Hope you will like the concert    🙂

Ms. Geraldine




2 thoughts on “Last Few Reminders – Rehearsal Day and Concert Day

  1. Prosit ms Geraldine and the team – ms Corinne and ms Stef. The chosen theme and costumes were amazing. I confirm that ‘PJB spikkajt’! Proof of your dedication and hard work. Thanks from all the kids.


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