Term 1 Week 12 – Letter b

Letter b – bell.  The first thing the children did was to create a bell craft which they decorated with glitters which they love using very much.  This is hanging outside our classroom door.

As usual they practiced the letter sound b formation on their scrapbook using the rainbow technique.  The children then followed the Jolly phonics story for letter b.

Granny is sitting on a bench in the park.  She is with her grandson and his baby brother.  The boy goes to play with a friend who has a bat and ball.  They throw the ball to each other and bash it as hard as they can.  As the bat hits the ball it goes /b,b,b,b,b/.

b picture

Jolly Phonic Rhyme Letter b sound

The action done when saying the b sound is associated with the picture story like all the other letter actions are.  The children pretend to hold a bat and hit a ball saying /b,b,b,b,b/sound.

They also practiced thinking what might start with the letter sound b.  Some of the words they came up with were these bell, boat, bird, big, bounce, bag, blue, black, ball and book.  We also mentioned the names of people we might know who start with the letter b like Bernard.


  • Step 1 – Start at the top, go down
  • Step 2 – Small bounce up
  • Step 3 – And make a tummy

b formation

The children practiced their rainbow b.  Now that the children are exposed to both letters b and d I showed them that it is very easy to mix these two letters up so the trick to try and remember them are by using the following images:


I will go into more detail about b and d when we actually practice writing b and d during the second term.

Practice Ideas For Home

  • You can display some magnetic alphabet letters on a board and ask you child to remove the letter of the day. In this case letter b.
  • You can also call it a letter b day and whilst going about your chores spot those objects which start with b and say them with your child emphasizing the first sound b.
  • You can practice the letter formation by using a white board and colourful washable markers using the steps above.
  • You can place about 5 objects or pictures on the table, amongst which you have objects starting with the letter b sound.
  • Say the name of each object emphasizing and exaggerating the first letter sound of each object and ask your child if that object or picture starts with the letter sound b. This is a skill which needs loads of practice, so don’t get worried if they are not understanding as just what this means.  Praise at this point is very important to build their confidence.   🙂



2 thoughts on “Term 1 Week 12 – Letter b

  1. Hi Ms Geraldine
    Emmalene missed school Thursday. Can you kindly let me know which letter or number you did on that day please so that i can do it with her? Thanks a lot.


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