Term 1 Week 12 – The World Around Me – Christmas continued…

In the last couple of weeks we started talking about the symbols which characterize Christmas.

The children came up with an endless list amongst which they mentioned the following: snow, sleigh, Rudolph the Reindeer, presents, Jesus, angel, toys, tree, decorations, lights, baubles, elves, stories, Father Christmas and bells.

In fact the last two I listed were our major topic during the other two circle time sessions we had this week.

The children watched the sweet story of Topsy and Tim, two sweet little children who met Father Christmas and because they had been good they were given presents for Christmas.

After the story we spoke about how important it is to behave and listen to our parents and teachers who love us very much.  At times what they tell us is not to our liking but it is for our own good.  If we do behave just like Topsy and Tim we will get our Christmas presents too!

Topsy and Tim Meet Father Christmas –

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas Poem Video

The other symbol we spoke about was bells.  The children said that we use these to decorate with during Christmas time.

During this time of year such musical instruments are associated with happiness and the announcement that something special and important is going to happen like the arrival of baby Jesus.

I asked the children to listen attentively when hearing Christmas carols to see if they can spot the bells ringing. (This is an exercise in developing listening skills and it can be done with other musical instruments).

These topics linked us to two literacy letters f and b.  You can find more information under the literacy section.




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