Photo Time – Christmas Activities


Dear all,

As you all know tomorrow is our first day of the second term.  Before we embark onto the 2nd part of the children’ learning journey I want to share with you the photos taken during the activities happening around Christmas time.

One of the activities which we did was putting some smiles onto the faces of some elderly people at the St. Elizabeth Home in Rabat.  Here are the photos of the children singing.  Some children also danced with a jolly elderly lady whose passion was definitely music.  She could not help but dance away to our Christmas Carols    🙂

The children also watched the procession of baby Jesus which was put together by the grade 1’s and grade 2’s.  A child was drawn up from each of the Pre-Junior classes to take part in this procession.  Our lucky one was Giannina who was dressed up as The Angel Gabriel.  The rest of the class joyed in carol singing whilst they watched the rest pass by.

Our last day was jam packed with activities.  The children started with breakfast after which they had the magician show in the music hall.  The children really enjoyed the tricks presented because most of the activities were interactive and the children were cheerfully participating.  After the show our class rotated between eating some of the party food brought in for the day and using the bouncy castle.   🙂

Our next activity was the literacy session where we split the class in two.  Half of the children stayed with me in our Pre-Junior class, the rest went with Ms. Corinne to the orange room.  Both groups had over an hour of interactive reading with a literacy educator brought in for this purpose.

The children really enjoyed it.  They participated by answering to questions, turning pages, dressing up according to the characters in the story, pretending to be the characters as well.  They also attempted at singing some Christmas carols using musical instruments.  It was great fun!

Three of the interactive books were the following –

Santa’s Beard written Matilda Tristram and Tom Duxbury –

Father Christmas Needs A Wee written by Nicholas Allan –

Santa’s Reindeer – Matilda Tristram and Tom Duxbury

We finished off the day by dancing to some seasonal music and eating the rest of the party food.  Below are some photos of all these activities.  There might be similar photos which I left on purpose for you to choose the best ones pertaining to your child.



Enjoy !


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