Dear all,

Most of you know by now know we are currently working on eating issues in class.  It is very normal at this age that children choose certain foods as opposed to others.  The reasons many be many.

They might not like the sensation of the texture when handling the food or whilst tasting in the mouth, they do not like the smell of a particular food, or they think they do not like it even when you say the item name etc.

So I am rewarding the children with points on our interactive funny chart on the board, stamps and stickers as well as honey loop cereal (Lidl brand) depending on how much willing they are to eat the undesired food.

I am so proud that when I asked the children to get a small bite sized food which they do not particularly like from home to taste it at school they were eager to comply.

So we had children trying cheese, kiwi, ham, olives, tuna, bread, tangerines, apples, bananas, crackers, honey loops etc. all for the first time!

If it is possible can you send in the same food they dislike from home next week too so we will work with them and help them understand that this food is okay to eat?

We will move on to other foods slowly according to their individual reaction.

Thanks for your constant co-operation



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