Term 2 week 1 – Patterns – Part 1 – Introduction


We started our second term with another very interesting topic – patterns.  The children became aware that the world around them is full of patterns.

These patterns can be of two kinds

(a) natural that is found in nature
(b) made by man.

They got to know that patterns can be made out of different shapes, colours, sounds, words, music and texture.  So they would be using one or multiple senses at the same time to understand patterns.

The most important thing in all the patterns – whether they are found in nature or man made – is that they are repeated.

To start understanding this topic we started off with taking a close look at various pattern pictures and the children mentioned what the pattern in each one was example spotted, striped, flowered, with hearts, which colours were used, which shapes could be found in them.

We them moved onto patterns in nature found in animals and their coats.  We took a closer look at the coats of the giraffe, tiger, zebra, cow, badger, cheetah, jaguar, lion, shell of the tortoise and the feathers of the peacock.

The children watched the story of the lion and the mouse.  Besides discussing the moral behind the story we took a close look at the different patterns shown in the story with particular emphasis being made on the lion and its mane.

Storytime – The lion and the mouse.

The children mentioned that the main colours in a lion’s mane are orange and yellow so we picked these two colours to create our own lion head.  The children had to colour in a circle for the face.  (I am putting more emphasis on the importance of colouring in the picture given and the way the colouring is done.  I told the children that no white piece could be left uncoloured at the end of the task.  I praised them for their hard work.)

They then stuck an alternate pattern of 1 orange strip of paper and another strip of yellow paper all around to form the mane.  This craft linked us to our first letter lesson as well as to our first numeracy lesson – Letter l and number 1 respectively.  More details can be found in the respective blogs.

We look a closer look at the lion as the king of the jungle and the children learnt many facts about this amazing animal.  They learnt that these animals are the largest of the cat family; they live in a group called a pride.

The females hunt for their food whilst the male keeps their home safe and sees that the cubs get enough to eat.  Their prey might be elephants, bulls, antelopes, crocodiles, giraffes and rhinos.  These animals have very sharp teeth and they are very good swimmers etc.

Video clip – LIONS: Animals for children. Kids videos. Kindergarten | Preschool learning

During the week we used all the things around us to make patterns.  We even used ourselves.  We created a pattern with one boy, one girl, another pattern was one child holding a yellow craft stick another holding a yellow stick.  I also asked the children to look for patterns in the classroom and at home which we discussed during circle time.

Tasks –

  • During the coming week the children can get with them a picture or even a small piece of textured material which has a pattern on it. If we have enough we will then create a collage to be displayed in class.  So let’s get searching!
  • They can keep on looking for patterns at home in the coming week and we can talk about them when they come to school.

These are some of the video clips used in class about this topic.

Pattern parade song –

Banana, banana, meatball –

The lion song –



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