Term 2 Week 1 – The Story of the Epiphany

One of the lessons this week was dedicated to religion.  All those who follow this topic heard the story of how the three kings visited Jesus and offered him beautiful presents such as gold.  We noted the expensive style of clothes that these rich three kings were wearing.

The Story of the Epiphany –

We discussed that although gold and other very expensive presents are nice to have, Jesus prefers simple presents but which are very important for each and every one of us such as love, hugs, sharing a toy or a book, helping others, being kind to each other etc.

At this point all the children in the class joined in where they coloured in a patterned present picture.  I went around each child asking what they would personally give to Jesus as a present and in the case of those who do not follow the religion lesson what is the present they would give to their mummy and daddy.

jesus christmas.png

This lesson brought the Christmas activities to a meaningful end. It also linked us to patterns topic we are currently developing.

We Three Kings –




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