Term 2 Week 1 – Writing Number 1

As you all know the first term was dedicated to practicing numbers and even letters using crayons and using hand exercises through play to help the children get the correct pencil grip as well as getting their hand muscles strong for writing.

During this 2nd term we have started phase two that of writing the numbers on our workbooks.  We will also do this with the letters after finishing the entire alphabet.

Writing number 1

We made a big do in class now that the 2nd term is in.  I told the children that they grew some more and now they are going to use their magic fingers to write number 1.  However there are a set of rules to be followed whilst writing.


We actually go through the rules before a writing session is happening and help and encourage the children.  Please when the children happen to be writing at home do encourage the correct posture rules.  If you have any queries please let me know.

Other rules that the children follow are:

  • Start at the dot.
  • They follow the rhyme of the number.
  • And write their number in the guided box as much as possible.
  • It is okay to make mistakes; we can rub and keep on trying. Doing our best is important not having a perfect page.
  • No scribbling on our workbooks or those of our friends.
  • Be proud of our work   🙂

For all those children who at times revert to an incorrect pencil grip please just remind them the correct way of how to hold a pencil gently without a big do.

I tell them that we are doing the quack, quack motion.

  • The duck quacks by placing the pencil between the first two fingers.
  • The 3rd finger helps it to rest.
  • Fingers 4 and 5 act as a pillow underneath.

Similar to the picture above except that we try to close the last two fingers too.

Number 1 Formation Revision –

The animal character which helps number 1 remain straight – Mrs. Owl (refer to 1st blogs posted in the first term under numeracy) along with a NEW number 1 rhyme below.

1 formation
We revised the value of number 1 by

  • Counting 1 using a pattern like in the lion’s mane by alternating 2 different coloured blocks. So I yellow block, 1 orange block etc.  They also used other colours.



  • They also watched a story called Beep Beep Vroom Vroom by J. Spikey –

They then created a pattern strip using different coloured cars just like in the story.  You can see their work hanging outside our classroom near the glass door.

Last but not least the children started practicing number 1 by tracking it on page 2 sample below, as well as writing it using their pencils in pages 3 and 4.




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