Patterns in Nature and Animal Coats – Part 4

zebra 1.png

The next patterned animal we spoke about was the zebra.  The children followed a story called Zack the Lazy Zebra written by Wendy Cheyette Lewison.

You can follow the story in the link below.

We discussed the story and gave it our own ending.  The children were asked to mention all the words which start with z in the story.  We then took a closer look at zebras as an animal.

The children observed the stripes on a zebra’s body.  These are some of the facts we went through and which you can use as a spark to start a conversation.

  • They learnt that although the zebra stripes are white and black or black and white no two zebra patterns are alike. Each zebra has a unique pattern.
  • These animals form part of the equidae family along with horse and donkeys.
  • Experts say they have stripes for camouflage just like the jaguars have spots.
  • Wild zebras live in Africa.
  • Zebras are very fast-moving animals.
  • They are generally social animals that live in small harems to large herds.
  • Zebras are herbivores and eat mostly different types of grass, but they also eat bark, herbs and shrubs. Zebras prefer full green grass that is short and near the ground.
  • Zebras only sleep when they are in large groups so that they can be alerted of danger.
  • A typical zebra family consists of a male, called a stallion, several females, called mares, and their children called foals.

Video Clip – Zebras for Kids

For each difficult word which the children might not understand like bark, shrubs and herbs they are shown a picture on the board to help them understand further.

The children created their own zebra craft which was linked to both our literacy lessons and numeracy lessons as well.

Further details are found under the respective blogs.  The zebras are hanging outside our door.

They are similar to the zebra picture below.

zebra 2




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