Term 2 Week 2 – Patterns and Animal Coats – Part 5

The second topic for this week was also related to animals.  This time we looked at sheep, rabbits and goats.  All these creatures have something in common.  They do not grow fur but wool on their body.


The children were really interested in this topic.

  • They got to know that this wool protects these animals against the cold in winter months.
  • However wool grows just like our hair grows on our head and so this wool needs to be sheared (cut off).
  • I stressed that these animals do not hurt when the wool is sheared off. On the contrary some of them might be relieved because the wool would weight a lot on their backs.
  • They learnt that humans as always found good use for this wool.
  • Sheep’s wool is made into jumpers, socks and blankets.
  • Rabbit’s wool is made into angora coats and hats.
  • Goat’s wool is turned into cashmere coats.


The children were fascinated when they watched a video clip of sheep being sheared.  Some even said that they wanted this job when they grew up!!!

Shearing Sheep –

The children also observed the patterns created in the wool after it was woven into the various garments.

Wool was the link to our next letter for this week, w for wool.  You will find more information in the literacy blog.



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