Term 2 Week 2 – Writing Number 4

During week 2 the children started writing number 4.

We practiced its value, said its name and saw which animal character helps us remember its shape.  We also saw were 4 stands on the number line.


Writing number 4

As we do with every number we revise the work done during the first term.  The children recalled that mummy caterpillar and baby caterpillar help us remember the shape of number 4.

4 caterpillar

However our main focus is more on the rhyme at this point because it guides them with the formation.

It is very important that the proper steps are used for writing 4.  The children have to say the steps that are in the rhyme or use language which is close to this rhyme, whilst writing.  Here is how our number writing pages look like.


After we finished working with number 4 we worked on a mixed page were the children had to count objects and circle the correct corresponding number.  Here is what the page looked like.

Number 4 Songs –


four 3



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