Patterns in Music

musical patterns.jpg

During this week we focused on patterns in music.  I introduced the topic by helping the children understand that one of our senses is very special that of hearing.

We are bombarded with sounds that happen around us but most often we listen to the sounds we want to.

At times we do not stop to appreciate some of the sounds we hear.  So to help the children start understanding and appreciating this we played a game in class.

Game – Stop and listen to sounds.

Everyone had to remain quiet for 5 minutes and listen to the sounds around us.  We then mentioned what each one of us heard.  They came up with sounds that had meaning to them such as a teacher talking, children laughing, a chair being moved, a car engine outside, a lorry horn, people walking, and a ball being thrown.

This is an exercise that you can play at home with your children.  It helps them develop their listening skills for their future life.  Very often we hear what is happening around us but we listen to what we want.

On another day we did the same exercise but appreciated the sound of silence.  Sometimes it is a good thing to stop and appreciate silence.

The children became aware that we can make sounds with practically everything around us.  We created a sound pattern by using our hands for clapping and feet for stomping.  We used a pattern sequence such as 1,2,3,4 – meaning 1 = clap one time, 2 = stomp 2 times, 3 = yawn 1 time, 4 = bang 4 times on the table etc.  This is simple example on line.

Clapping Machine – Jack Hartmann –

We also took a closer look at various instruments we can find around us by listening to various songs:  Some are the following:

Musical Instruments Sounds for Kids – Part 1

The Best Sounds around (Instruments) –

They listened to the sounds various instruments make in the following game where we mentioned what the various instruments are called.  They really enjoyed listening to the sounds the instruments made.

Some said they wanted to learn an instrument such as the violin, the guitar, the saxophone and the piano.  Others said that they had a piano at home   🙂

We went slightly professional and created a piece of music with various instruments by using a basic and simple programme called Splice Sound Maker.  Here is the link below for the children to have a try.

This is how it works. The children create a beat by clicking on the various buttons found on the grid.  Each horizontal row represents an instrument.  You can then record it and listen to your little masterpiece again.  The children were really pleased with the little musical piece they created.  Their first attempt was just noise but when they used a pattern they actually created an amateur musical piece.   🙂

Splice Sound Maker –

Here is their beat –

We took a very close look at two instruments which are linked to the two new letters for week 3, v and x.  See literacy blogs for more details and photos.



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