Term 2 Week 3 – Number 0 and revision work

The number we tackled this week is 0.

We revised the material done during the first term where we compared empty containers with nothing inside thus zero objects to other containers with various amounts of objects.  As part of the zero lessons the children watched two videos clips which are the following:

Let’s Count up to Ten – Counting Song

The Zero Song Starfall –

Writing number 0

The children remembered that Mrs. Owl’s friend helps us see the zero shape.


However they focused mostly on the rhyme below.

o formation

Other important points

  • I always remind the children that we start writing from the line at the top left and proceed to the right side of a page.  When we finish a line we go down to the next line and start again writing from left to right.  Usually whilst explaining I physically show them on paper as they might not know right from left.  Children at this age have a tendency to just pick a box and fill it in and then choose another at random.  At times I draw small images on the side to show them which line they have to complete.

many os

  • When writing zero they have to go towards the left hand side to write it. If this is difficult I draw a little arrow for them which helps them see the direction to take.
  • I also remind them from time to time to write the number in the box.
  • If they have just a dot in a box, that is not a mistake but they have to use their imagination and remember how to form the number. At times they would need guidance from where to start and to where they need to proceed.

Revision Work

I dedicated one of this week’s lessons to revision work.  The children were given the 1-10 number line and they had to match the numicon shapes to it and count the holes in the process.




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