Term 2 Week 3 – Revision of letters, photos, and games.

One of the literacy lessons this week was dedicated to the revision of the letters we have done so far.

The children listened to the jolly phonic rhymes we have done so far.

They were also given small letter cards and their whiteboards to copy the letter formation.  I went around encouraging them and praising them now that they started using their magic fingers to write.

I corrected any letters which were not written properly by showing them the correct formation.  This was their attempt of writing letters freely before we actually start writing them in our workbook.

First we have to finish the following letters y and q in the coming week.

The children also played the following games which helped them remember the letter sounds, associate the letters to their image and to practice the first letter sounds.  This can be a fun way of revising at home too.





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