Term 2 Week 3 – The Story of Joseph and the Technicolour Dream Coat and photos

This week all those who follow the religion lesson got to know about another story that can be found in the Bible and the values it teaches us.  The story is Joseph and the Technicoloured Dream Coat.

Joseph and his Technicoloured dream coat –

The children then answered some questions related to the story such as

  • Who got a special present?
  • What was the special present?
  • Why did Joseph’s brothers not like Joseph?
  • What is jealousy? (I explained it as being very angry or very upset because we want things that others have and we don’t have them. At times we even try and hurt the other person with words or even physically because of this).

The children got to know that God knows what would be happening in all situations.  He cares about what is happening to us.  Even when bad things happen, God can make something good out of the situation.

Over parents, friends and other adults in our lives show us this and provide the guidance necessary.  However it is important that we listen.

Maria Friedman – Joseph’s Coat Song –

At this point all the class joined the lesson where I explained again in simple terms what jealousy means.  We even acted out different everyday life situations that the children might find themselves in and get jealous.

One such situation was the following.   A friend has a special toy.  We do not have one like it so we snatch it and break it for them.  We acted out the positive side where we should ask politely if we could play with that toy for a little bit as we do not have one like it.

The children understood that at times we may be angry or upset because we do not fully understand a situation but when we show love to others everyone is put right.

The children then created a random pattern using colourful kite paper which they glued onto a big cardboard.  For those who follow the religion lesson parts of the cardboard will be turned into Joseph’s Coat.

For those who do not follow the lesson it was another pattern work exercise.  Here are some photos of the children at work   🙂






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