Carnival Time and Photos

Carnival Time

Another fun event at school is carnival.  As you all know from the calendar of events you received in the beginning of the year we will be celebrating this on Friday 9th February.

The children all come in costume on that day or if your child does not like dressing up he/she can come in casual clothes.  Pointy swords, pointy tiaras, and full masks are not allowed.

Besides having the party, games and other fun activities on the day we will be having a float parade where all the children walk alongside a float each class prepares for the other students to see.

The theme for this year was ……………………….

For our class we have decided to create a float with the theme called Maltese Children’s Traditional Games.  During one of our show and tell sessions I explained to the children that during my grandparents’ childhood they had no mobiles, tablets, computers or other sophisticated gadgets.

The children found this difficult to comprehend.  I showed them a video clip of the games which were the most popular games played by most Maltese children back in our grandparents’ time.  Next week we will be practicing a few of these children’s games during our P.E. lesson.  Here is an online version of the games I mentioned.

Some of these games will be featured in our class float.  The children participated in creating a part of the float where they pasted newspaper pieces onto balloons to represent the bocci (marbles) game which was very popular in the Maltese streets.  Here are some photos of the children at work.

We will be continuing this float next week.

Important Note:

  • On Friday 9th February the school will be ordering the party food for the children as we had done for the Christmas Party. So you would not need to worry about what to send on the day.  You will shortly receive an email from Ms. Karen with more details.  I will also be issuing some other guidelines myself closer to the Carnival Day celebrations.
  • School finishes as usual.
  • The after School sessions will continue as normal and students are permitted to bring a change of clothes for their respective activities should they wish to do so.



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