Patterns Show and Tell Photos


Dear parents and guardians,

As you all know in the last two weeks or so we have been developing the patterns topic.  The children were asked to get in an item or two which has a pattern on it.

The children loved this activity very much.  Every time they walked through the door they would eagerly tell us what they got along for their show and tell.

They became very sharp and observant and they were getting all sorts of things with minute patterns which are barely visible to the naked eye.

These varied from toys such as a zebra, a cow, a snake, a cat, tortoises, cars, a truck, an airplane, Spiderman, a unicorn, a star soft toy, dolls, toys with patterned lights to clothes and accessories such as a sweater, socks, sunglasses, a hand bag, caps, hair bands and a necklace.

Other items were books, and other patterns they created themselves.

Here are the photos taken during their show and tell.



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