Term 2 week 4 – Letter y and photos

During this fourth week we spoke about the last two letters for us to complete going through the alphabet.  These are y and q.

Below are the details of letter sound y for yoyo.  As I mentioned in the topic blog the children observed people playing with yoyos and the pattern they make.  They learnt how to appreciate different talents that people might have and that they too might have talents that they will discover by time.

The children explored other words starting with y both on the interactive white board through the magic window game and also by playing our usual quiz game where I ask them questions which will lead them to the appropriate answer.

Together we came up with the following words yellow, yogurt, yummy, yacht, yawn, yoyo, yes, yak and yard.  They also tried to see if their names had any letter y’s in them.  The children were happy to mention Emily, Adaya, Floyd and Timothy.

The children also followed the Jolly phonics story for the letter y sound:

It is lunchtime at school.  One boy is eating his sandwich quickly so he can play with his yoyo. A girl is looking forward to eating her yogurt.  She chose it when she went shopping with her family.  It is yummy, yellow, banana yogurt!

y picture.jpg

Jolly Phonic Rhyme Letter y sound

The children pretend to eat yogurt from a spoon, saying / y,y,y,y/.

Letter y formation

Step 1 – Start at the top, go down,
Step 2 – round,
Step 3 – up,
Step 4 – down,
Step 5 – and make a hook.

y formation

As is the usual routine the children practiced their letter y formation in the scrapbook as well as played letter y games on the whiteboard.

Important note – I told the children that letter y has 1 round part not a pointy part in step 2.

Practice Ideas for Home

  • You can give them a handful of magnetic letters which they stick on a board. Then they have to remove the letter of the day from the batch.  In this case letter y.
  • You can practice the letter formation by using a white board and colourful washable markers using the steps above.
  • You can place about 5 objects or pictures on the table, amongst which you have objects starting with the letter y
  • Say the name of each object emphasizing and exaggerating the first letter sound of each object and ask your child if that object or picture starts with the letter sound y. This is a skill which needs loads of practice. Praise at this point is very important to build their confidence    🙂




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