Term 2 Week 4 – Number 9

The next number the children practiced during this week was number 9.  We revised the value by counting the patches on a sensory quilt created out of bubble wrap, bottle caps, straw, newspaper, kite paper, foil etc.

They also had a hands on activity where they had to count specific coloured blocks in batches of 9.  The children recalled that Ms. Zebra was the animal who helps us remember the shape of this number as well as the purple numicon shape.


Writing number 9

As we do with every number we revise the work done during the first term keeping our main focus on the rhyme at this point because it guides them with the formation.


Like for all the other numbers it is very important that the proper steps are used for writing 9.

The children have to say the steps that are in the rhyme or use language which is close to this rhyme, whilst writing.  This week the children practiced writing number 9 on their mini whiteboards as well as on the interactive whiteboard along with the other numbers.

They also worked a mixed page where they had to count and cut the objects they were counting and match it to the correct number.

9 workbook.png

Next week the children will be practicing writing number 9 on their workbooks.

Other important points

  • I always remind the children that we start writing from the line at the top left and proceed to the right side, than we go down to the next line and start from the left hand side at the very edge. Usually whilst explaining I physically show them on paper as they might not know right from left.  Also children at this age have a tendency to just pick a box and fill it in and then choose another at random.
  • When we go “Round for the head part” and the children get confused as to which side they should they turn with their pencil I like placing a small object example a rubber on the left hand side to remind them which side they have to direct their pencil and tell them so.  We do not go straight down.
  • We do not lift the pencil after we write the circular part but continue writing in one movement. The children need a reminder for this at times.
  • When we go down we have to go down straight not slanting.
  • I also remind them from time to time to write the number in the box.
  • If they have just a dot in a box, that is not a mistake but they have to use their imagination and remember how to form the number. At times they would need guidance from where to start and to where they need to proceed.

Numtums Number 9 –




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