Term 2 Week 4 – Repeated Patterns Part 1

The topic for our fourth week was still patterns with particular focus on repetition.

Thus we took the yoyo as one of our main examples as this has a repetitive up and down motion as well as a swirling motion.

The children learnt to appreciate that different people have different talents no matter what age you are.  As you all know the children got in toys and other items to show the repeated patterns on them.  Please see other blogs for photos.

The Spectacular Yoyo Show

Since there is a fire display with this video I also reminded the children that they cannot play with matches or fire of any sort.

The world’s best kid’s yoyo champion

The children created their own yoyos by rolling pieces of kite paper into tiny balls and then stuck them onto a piece of circular cardboard.  These are hanging on our bulletin board outside our door   🙂

Such an exercise is very good to strengthen their hand muscles for a better pencil grip and pressure whilst writing.  This also linked us to the new letter for this week y-yoyo.  More details in the literacy section.


The children were exposed to more stories which are related to patterns.  This is one of them – Pattern Fish were the children participated in saying which is the next pattern to follow.

Two important stories we followed during circle time was The Kindness Quilt by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace and Milly and Molly’s Patchwork Quilt

Besides looking at patterns in quilts we also discussed what kindness means for each and every one of us in class.

The children voiced their ideas clearly.  Some said that kindness is doing something good for others, some said sharing their toys, having nice hands and expressing themselves with lovely words.

Others said no hitting, punching or kicking.  The children created their own patchwork quilt craft using 2 coloured strips of paper and gluing them onto a piece of cardboard in a checked pattern.

These stories are linked to the other letter of the week – q for quilt.  More details in the literacy blog.  They are also linked to the next number we wrote.  Follow the numeracy blog for further details and songs.

The Kindness Quilt – (The story starts at 1’25’’)

Milly and Molly’s Patchwork Quilt




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