Term 2 Week 5 Carnival Festivities and Photo Time

This week’s high lights were our carnival festivities.


Work on this project started weeks back.  First there was the choice of the topic.  Each class had to choose a topic which represents Malta – unboxed.

After putting our heads together the pre-junior B team came up with the idea of the Maltese traditional games our grandparents used to play.

At this point I want to thank Ms. Corinne for the hard work she put into this project.  Our float consisted of the following:

  • The background was il-passju, which the children helped in decorating. Il-passju is known as hop scotch in English.
  • Then an array of other games were stuck on a box base such as il-habel (skipping rope) which was very popular with the girls.
  • Il-bocci (marbles) which were created by our children in class out of newspaper and glue. Back in the days this game was mostly popular with the boys and teenagers.
  • Iz-zibeg – this was a game played using glass beads. However all those who could not afford buying them used nuts and walnuts to play it.  This is what is displayed on our float.
  • Iccirku – What is known in English as the hola hoop. However this was made out o tin and a piece of wire to push it with.
  • Il-pupa tac-carruta – This was a doll made out of a piece of left over material.
  • Noli – Hide and seek. This was represented by a scarf on our float.

class photo.jpg

The children were very proud to show off the float as well as their costumes in our carnival parade which unfortunately had to take place inside as it was pouring.

In turn they enjoyed watching the lovely floats the other classes put together.  They danced away to the cheerful carnival music which was being played.

Below are some photos of the children waiting for the classes to show their masterpiece.


Another activity which took place on Thursday was the magician show.  The children watched in awe as the magician showed them a trick or two  🙂

Last but not least they ate the party food that you sent in the money for earlier this week, as well as danced to some lively children’s music pertaining to these festivities.  The song below is the one we chose for when the children took part in the parade.

Dawra Tond – Gianluca Cilia – https://goo.gl/YJVB6S

These are the photos we took during the magic show as well as individual photos showing your children’s full costumes during party time.  Even we dressed up in theme with our float – old fashioned school girls.  Enjoy   🙂



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