Term 2 Week 5 Patterns in Nature – Part 1


We started off our fifth week with a story called, The Tiger Who Came To Tea by Judith Kerr.

This story linked us to both topic works: patterns in nature because of the tiger strips as well as to the letter of the day, t for tiger.


Besides discussing the story we worked on picture story sequencing where the children tried to remember what comes next in the story by looking at various pictures and listening to various questions.

The children got to know that animals have patterns and why they have them.  They leanrt the big word camouflage and spoke about what it means. They also watched this video clip.

The children investigated the strips these fascinating animals have when compared to other patterned animals.

The children created a craft with this topic.  They painted a tiger face made out of a paper plate using orange paint and then they recreated the strips that we see on the tiger’s body.

We found tine for two more stories which are the following

Where are my stripes –

Never Tickle a tiger (Story till 7’16’’)

Using this topic helped us link to one of the letters we wrote this week letter t.  More information under the literacy section.



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