Term 2 Week 5 Patterns In Nature – Part 2

Besides working with patterns found on animals we also started talking about insects and the pattern we find on their bodies.


The children watched a story called The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle.

They became aware of some interesting facts pertaining to these creatures.  They learnt that insects have 6 legs; their body has three parts; head, thorax and abdomen; these creatures taste with their feet as they do not have a nose and they feel with the antennae or feelers they have on their head.

Such insects could be the butterfly, the ladybird, the bee and the beetle amongst others.  More information will be provided and discussed next week.

The children started creating a wall collage which includes such insects.  We will continue this project next week too.

The first thing they created was a ladybird or a bubble bee depending on which craft image was drawn up from our magic bag.  They stuck the different parts of the body, eyes, feelers, spots, strips etc.

This linked us to the introduction of the number for this week – Number 2, where the children practiced the value by counting the different insect parts. The writing for this number will take place next week.


Next week these crafts should be up on the wall outside our classroom.

This topic linked us to the next letter – letter i.  We did the ground work revision covering the first term (See previous literacy blogs).  Writing skills for this letter will take place next week too.



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