St. Paul’s Shipwreck In Malta

Last week during our religion lesson we spoke about a very important figure for our religion St. Paul.

The children learnt that we have a feast associated with this Saint celebrated on the 10th of February.

The children got to know that a very long time ago this man ended up in Malta because of a storm and very rough seas.  His boat got smashed against the rocks and so the people living here at the time helped him and gave him shelter.

This man believed in Jesus and the good things that He did.  St Paul told great stories about Him.  Slowly slowly the people started believing in Jesus.  That is how we became Christians.

Story of St. Paul’s Shipwreck in Malta.

I compared the warmth and the love the people should St. Paul with the love that our family shows us although out the year.

Just like we celebrate the love the people have for St. Paul we also celebrate the love for our loved ones with Valentine’s Day.  The children then created a card to demonstrate this love to you at home.

They also put together a small craft which they decorated with little hearts for keepsake.  They got these items home on Wednesday so I could not post this blog before.  Hope they arrived in one piece   🙂

The children who do not follow the religion lesson joined when the card and craft were being created.

with love



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