Term 2 Week 6 – Patterns In Nature – Part 3

During the sixth week of the second term we continued looking at patterns found in insects.  The children were asked questions regarding the facts mentioned the week before.  We then added more insects to our list by looking at part of a video clip which is the following:

Learning Insects Names and Sounds

Our magnifying glass took a closer look at one of these creatures the bumblebee.


  • These insects live in huge groups called a colony.
  • One family is made up of workers which happen to be female. These females work, work and work: drones which are the males and the famous queen who is bigger than the rest of the group and she lays eggs.


  • The tiny baby bees hatch out of the big number of eggs that only the queen produces.


  • These insects are very intelligent for their size and they talk to each other not by words but by means of a special dance called “the waggle”. The shape they create through dancing will tell the colony where the precise location of these flowers is and they go to feed on the nectar found in them.

The Waggle Dance –


  • As they do this they pick up a yellow dust called pollen also found on the flowers. This pollen is then deposited on other flowers and this is how new flowers grow.


  • Bees live in hives which they make or which are produced by humans.


  • The children learnt that this is a special insect because it produces honey. A delicacy that humans eat and use.

Insect song

During the week the children also created a firefly.  Besides attaching all the body parts together the children enjoyed dipping the end bit in glitter symbolizing when these creatures tail glows in the dark.  They were really fascinated by this.

The firefly craft is hanging in our garden outside the classroom too   🙂



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