Term 2 Week 6 – Symmetry

During week 6 besides writing the number 2 the children were introduced to the concept of symmetry.

I first explained that there are objects around us which when cut or folded in half both sides look exactly the same.  I should them some examples in class like a picture of a butterfly, a heart, a rectangle.

The children were very enthusiastic to find their own symmetrical patterns in class.  They mainly focused on the patterns of their cushions.  They watched a video clip to consolidate their understanding of this new concept.

Symmetry song

The children had some hands of experience of creating a symmetrical shape precisely a cute little monster.

Step 1 – They folded an a4 piece of art paper in 2.

Step 2 – Then we placed 3 large blobs of paint on one side of the paper.  They carefully folded the paper and rubbed gently over it.

Step 3 – They carefully opened it and saw the symmetric effect of the colours.  Please see below some photos of the children at work   🙂

They also played symmetrical games on the interactive whiteboard.  Here is the link so that the can practice at home through play.

Top Marks website


Last but not least they placed blocks onto a folded piece of paper experimenting with different symmetrical shapes.

Here are some photos from the 3 activities




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