Term 2 Week 6 – Writing Letter i

After doing the ground work last week the children were now prepared to start writing the first letter this week – letter i.

After writing the letter t the children found this fairly easy.  Like letter t, letter i belongs to the ladder letter group because you start writing from top to bottom and there are no arms jutting out like in the one-armed robot letters such as in letter r.

ladder letters

These are how our writing pages looked like.

Writing letter i

It is very important that the proper steps are used for writing i.  The children have to say the steps that are in the rhyme or use language which is close to this rhyme, whilst writing.

  • I always mention our two friendly robots WALT and WILF who help us in this regard. The formation is written in the snapshot of the pages above.
  • When “going down” we try to write straight not curve the line.
  • We have to lift the pencil to do the “dot”.
  • The dot cannot be a big ball.

Other important points

  • I always remind the children that we start writing from the line at the top left and proceed to the right side, than we go down to the next line and start from the left hand side at the very edge. Usually whilst explaining I physically show them on paper as they might not know right from left.  Also children at this age have a tendency to just pick a box and fill it in and then choose another at random.
  • Sometimes the amount of boxes in a page may be overwhelming for some children until they get used to it. There are a couple of things you can do to help them.
    • One of them is to cover the page with a blank paper leaving only the row the child is working on. Encouragement after each line is finished is a must.
    • You can put a smiley face at the start of the line before the child starts writing in that row as an indicator. With some children it works better if you put the smiley face of any other little drawing after they finish the row of letters as a reward. See previous blog for the example.

We also worked a mixed page.  The children had to match the initial sounds i and t to their appropriate pictures.  They had to practice their scissors skills in the process by cutting the around the letters provided.

mixed page



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