Term 2 Week 6 – Writing Letter p

The other letter we worked with this week was letter p.  P for painting.  The children were very enthusiastic to give their own list of words which start with this letter now that they are more able to listen to initial sounds in words.  This led us to revise the work done with this letter in term 1. (See previous blogs).

The children got to know that this letter belongs to the category of the one-armed robot letters because it has like an arm jutting out.


Letter p

This week we did not write this letter but we worked out a recognition page which was the following.


The children then experimented with paint.  They were given tooth brushes and paint.  They dabbed the paint onto a white cardboard to create a splatter effect.

These will be transformed into paint pots in the coming week and will soon be hanging outside our classroom.

Here are some photos of the children in action whilst painting and whilst doing their recognition page   🙂


The children listened to a couple of songs related to this letter.


We will continue to work with this letter next week.



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