Term 2 Week 6 – Writing Number 2 continued

As I mentioned in last week’s numeracy blog this week we practiced writing number 2.

These are what the pages look like:

2 pges
These are the steps that we followed when writing this number.

  • I always remind the children that we start writing from the line at the top left and proceed to the right side, than we go down to the next line and start from the left hand side at the very edge. Usually whilst explaining I physically show them on paper as they might not know right from left.  Also children at this age have a tendency to just pick a box and fill it in and then choose another at random.
  • When we start writing this number we have to curve straight away. We cannot write a horizontal or a sleeping line (as I like to call it) because in this way we will be forming letter z.
  • After the curved part I point out that we slide just like on a slide not go straight down.
  • We write this number all at once. We do not lift our pencil from the paper until the number two it is done. It requires only one movement.  The children need a reminder for this at times.
  • I also remind them from time to time to write the number in the box.
  • If they have just a dot in a box, that is not a mistake but they have to use their imagination and remember how to form the number. At times they would need guidance from where to start and to where they need to proceed.

We also revised the number we wrote so far mainly 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 and 9.  The children used their mini whiteboards to practice their formation.  Some children needed reminding that number 6 has a big tummy whilst number 9 has a big head.


They then completed the mixed page above.

Numtums number 2 song




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