Lent – Good Deeds

Lent – Good Deeds

goof deeds.png

On Wednesday during circle time session I will be speaking to the children about how nice it is to do good deeds to the people around us all year round but most especially even more now that we are during lent.

We will see how this is a time to show our parents, sisters, brothers, grandparents, teachers and friends that we love them and that they mean a lot to us.

We can show them that we care by doing a good deed for them like setting the table, help them cook, clear our toys after we are done playing, helping grandma or granddad by opening the door for them etc.

So from now on till the end of term all the children will have little helping hands so if they ask you if they can help you, you can understand why    🙂

In fact even in class whenever one of the children did a good deed we made them aware of this and praised them.  But now we are going to emphasize it more.

  • As from Wednesday the children will come home with a small heart in their folder and if they do a small good deed please write it down on the heart, stick it onto a piece of cardboard and we will hang it onto our Good Deed Easter Tree. This heart will be replaced when sent to school with the good deed written on it.  We will be reading them during circle time.
  • To this point all the children Catholic or not will be taking part. However at the end of term during the Lady of Sorrows these hearts will be presented to Our Lady as a gift where we will be singing hymns appropriate for the day.  All those children who are not Catholic will not be taking part in this event due to religious reasons.  They will be doing another separate activity in class.

Please do encourage them to do good deeds both at home and at school.

Thanks   🙂



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