The Mustard Seed

One of the stories which we read in class was that of the Mustard Seed, one of the many parables Jesus created.

We explained the story in a child friendly way saying that we are people and every day we learn new things.  This helps us grow not in size but in the number of things we know called knowledge.

God helps us learn by showing us the good things we have to do such as being kind to others, sharing, loving our family etc.  We have to believe (have faith) in God that He can help us, just like we believe that from a tiny mustard seed we can grow a tree if we take care of it well.

The Mustard Seed Story –

The Mustard seed grows into a huge tree if it is nurtured and loved.  Just like our love for Jesus grows, the more we listen to his teaching and His good examples.  Even we can set a good example, show our love to our loved ones and let our love grow by doing good deeds.

The video clip below is an example of how people can help each other.  Even we as young people can help by cleaning up our toys, books, help lay the table for dinner, help carry our school bag, give pegs to mummy whilst hanging the clothes etc.

Pay it Forward –

The children created their own mustard tree.  They painted the top part then assembled it along with the tree trunk and little yellow kite paper balls representing the seeds onto a piece of cartoncene.

These will be hanging in class   🙂

They only followed the part where I mentioned that helping our loved ones is important to show we care.

PS – All the children participated in the mustard tree craft as this in itself is a positive way of behaving as social beings whether we belong to one kind of religion or another. The non –Catholics did not follow the story itself and its teaching.




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