Term 2 Week 7 – In the Garden – Part 1

“In the garden” is the new topic we started working on during this week.


During circle time we spoke about the many things and creatures we can find in the garden.  The children managed to come up with many ideas of their own such as flowers, ants, snails, grass, birds, butterflies, dragon flies, plants and trees.

We went into detail of what might live in trees and this lead us to the word nest.  The children learnt that you can find different shaped nests.  The most common are the cup shaped ones.

Their shape varies depending on the bird which creates them.  Birds use leaves, twigs, mud, spider web threads, feathers and even their own saliva to put together their little homes.

The children also watched a video clip of how a humming bird weaves a nest for its little ones.

Nests – Many types of nests (Nature documentary) – They watched till 5’56’’.

The word camouflage featured in this topic as well.  The birds do all that is possible to camouflage their homes from bigger predators.  They watched this fact in the following video clip.

How do birds camouflage their nests?

For story time we watched, The best nest by P.D. Eastman

The children created their own nest using a paper plate.  They painted it half blue and half brown, they coloured in a cute little bird which they stuck on the plate and last but not least they glued pieces of hay for the nest.  This craft was also linked to the numeracy lesson.  You can find more details in the numeracy blog.

The word nest led us to the next letter for this week – letter n.  More details can also be found in the literacy blog.

The nest is best song –




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