Term 2 Week 7 – Introduction to Number 5

This week we finished working with number 3 and started the introduction to number 5.  The children remembered that Mrs. Duck helped us form number 5.  They used blocks to practice counting several numbers amongst them number 5.

They also played a game where I showed them a number, they said what it is and then they selected the same amount of friends to come out in front of the class.

Writing number 5

As you all know by now our main focus is on the formation.  The children have to say the steps that are in the above rhyme above or use language which is close to this rhyme, whilst writing.

Although I mention the above rhyme I prefer using the shape of Mrs. Duck for them to remember the formation.

  • Start at the eye
  • God down her neck
  • Go round her body
  • Lift and give her a hat.

Another hands on activity was counting and sticking 5 eggs onto the nest craft they did throughout the week.  We will be practicing writing number next week.

As part of the number 5 lessons the children also sang to various number 5 songs –

5 little ducks –


5 speckled frogs –




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